Nueva Venecia en Cines

El Documental Nueva Venecia, dirigido por  Emiliano Mazza De Luca producido por Passaparola Films,Martha Orozco, Señal Colombia,  y Making Docs estará en cines desde el viernes 29 de julio en la Cinemateca de Pocitos, Montevideo, Uruguay.

Entre el cielo y el agua, la pequeña aldea de Nueva Venecia sale a flote a pesar de los recuerdos de una masacre y la dureza de la vida cotidiana. Como símbolo de resistencia la comunidad se organiza para reparar su único lugar de reunión: la cancha de fútbol. “Nueva Venecia” es una historia de sueños, caídas y vueltas a empezar. 

English version

In the middle of the biggest colombian lake, a floating village withstands  disappearing despite the memories of a massacre and floodings submerging it every year. A football field keeps the community afloat. This is a documentary film about a stilt village in the middle of Santa Marta’s Big Marsh, and the passion pushing its inhabitants to build, on the water, a soccer field.

Their lifestyle, the stories that have marked their skin and souls, and their belonging to a region where there is neither mainland, nor fresh water, but remains their native land and the place where they want to live and die. The thousand people living in, mostly fishermen, are in close relationship with the marsh surrounding them and marking their life rhythm. The rainy season generates floodings threatening their lives and damaging their homes. Once the water retreats, it leaves behind some fish, but they are smaller and scarcer every time, bringing out the water pollution and the environmental changes affecting the Magdalena river, it’s main affluent.