Iván Guarnizo

Posted on mayo 19, 2009


Born in Bogotá, Colombia in 1979. Director and Cinematographer. Studied cinematography in Bogotá (Colombia) with the famous Cuban cinematographer Raul Perez Ureta (DP of “Suite Habana”), in San Antonio de los Baños (Cuba) at the EICTV (Escuela Internacional de Cine y TV) and in Barcelona with Tomas Pladevall (DP of Jose Luis Guerin’s “Tren de Sombras” (aka Train of Shadows). Then did studies of direction in New York (USA) at the NYFA (New York Film Academy) and in Barcelona at CECC (Centre d’Estudis Cinematográfi cs de Catalunya). Previous to that, he studied Anthropology at Andes University in Bogotá (Colombia). He has worked mostly as a cinematographer for documentaries traveling to Mali, Morocco, Bolivia, Canada, Norway and all around Colombia and Spain, but also for fiction both in TV and films. As a director, he has done video clips and short and experimental films. He has worked as an editor or editor consultant for a few films.

Cinematographer and camera assistant:

Marímbula” (camera assistant)
Director: Diana Kuellar. Production stage. Colombia 2010/11 (Making Docs production)

Ines: recuerdos de una vida” (camera assistant) Director: Luissa Sosa. Post-production stage. Colombia 2010. (Making Docs production)

“Cornissa” (DP) Director: Felipe Ruiz. Documentary. 50’. Morroco. 2009

“Gestiones Afectivas”: (DP) Directors: Gonzalo Díaz and Luis R. Álvarez. TV fiction series (pilot). 25’. Barcelona. 2009

“Café con Shandy” (DP) Director: Patricio Suarez. Documentary for the book: “Vilamatas Portátil” 30’. Barcelona 2007. Ed. Candaya.

“Al gusto de las mujeres” (DP) Director: Nuria Polo 30’. Mali. 2006

“Lo obvio y lo obtuso” (DP) Director: Nuria Polo. Documentary Short (35 mm). 15’. Barcelona. 2006 SEMINCI – 51 Semana Internacional de Cine de Valladolid. Sección Ofi cial, Baumann Terrasa: Best Documentary Short, 5th International Short Film Festival In The Palace, Balchik, Bulgaria.

“Algo en común” (DP) Director: Nuria Polo. 35’. Mali/Boliva. 2005


“Epistolar inacabado” Join project of 4 fi lmed experimental lett ers with Gonzalo Díaz. Colombia/España. 2010
“Sol en mi” Short/ experimental dance with the dancer Gilmarí Gerena. 12’. Barcelona 2008.
“Victor vuelve” Short/fiction. 12’. Barcelona. 2003

“Mina pan de azúcar” Director: Hermes Paralluelo. 28’. Barcelona. 2008 – Documentamadrid 08 – 15º Festival de Cine de Valdivia.

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